CLESOL 2018 Proceedings - call for papers


Closing date of Paper Submissions – Friday 15th February 2019
Notification of Acceptance - Friday 5th April 2019

Submissions are now open for presenters from CLESOL 2018 to submit papers based on their conference presentations, for consideration to be published in the conference proceedings.

Call for Papers

Submissions, (3500-5000 words) should be formatted as a Word doc, 12-point Times New Roman font, and line-spaced 1.5. References (in text and listed) should strictly adhere to the APA format.

The deadline for submissions is Friday 15th February 2019, but earlier submissions will be most welcome. Submissions received after this date will not be accepted.

Submissions should be sent as email attachments to:

Authors are requested to ensure that their authorship, and any institution cited in the draft paper, cannot be identified within the text. The draft should be accompanied by a separate document, which includes:

·       The title of the article (the same as in the abstract that was submitted for the conference)

·       name/s of author/s and affiliation/s (e.g. school, institute, university)

·       abstract (the same as what was submitted for the conference)

·       the name of the corresponding author + postal address, email address and contact phone number

·       a statement to the effect that the work is that of the author/s, and that all contributions by others (e.g., background sources) are duly acknowledged

All submissions will be acknowledged by the editors as soon as possible after receipt.

Those considered likely to be included will be sent to at least two experts in the specific field for ‘blind review’. Each reviewer will be asked to submit a report and recommendations within four weeks of receipt. Papers requiring revisions will be sent to the author/s as soon possible after the reports are received, and authors of those requiring revisions will be asked to resubmit the article within four weeks.

If this timeline is maintained, it should be possible to issue a special online edition of The TESOLANZ Journal by mid-2019. We look forward to reading all submissions, and to assisting in the eventual publication of high quality articles.

If you have any questions please contact the conference managers on
03 332 4537 or email your paper submission to